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We can cut just about anything!

Artist/Fabricator: Dan Reese

Only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship is used in developing my art work. I plasma cut the art piece then hand polish it. Each piece can obtain color either by heating or by using translucent powder coating colors. The heated pieces are clear powder coated after the heat color process.

My projects spread across a wide spectrum including animals, landscapes, wildlife, hunting and whimsical. I work with you and bring your ideas to the finished piece. Let your ideas and my artistic ability make a piece of art that everyone will admire.

Moon and Sun
Powder coating is a process which a powder, applied to the metal, is heated to its melting point. It flows to form a smooth film which dries to a firm, durable finish. It is very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust. It makes products more durable, attractive and weather resistant if placed outdoors.

TractorElk SceneSchool Mascot
Bikes and Sunset